A Lost & Found System

Powered by Honesty

Our Philosophy

Stone Tags were founded on the belief that the overwhleming majority of people are honest. That people want to see lost goods returned to their rightful owners.

Mum Would Be Proud

Remember being a kid and everything you owned was plastered with your name? What happened?

Instead of sweaters and pencil cases, we're now carrying thousands of dollars in headphones, sunglasses, wallets and countless other accessories.

Necessity Meets Simplicity

Stone Tags change this by providing a simple yet intuiative way of labelling your gear, whilst protecting your privacy should they be misplaced.

Feeling Vulnerable?

We were too. That's why we invented Stone Tags. They come in a range of sizes, shapes and styles so they can be applied to virtually any gear you need tagged.

Once your Stone Tags are registered, we keep track of them. Should anyone find and scan you tag, we'll let you know. A years worth of peace of mind for less than the cost of your monthly Netflix subscription.

You'd need to have rocks for brains not to.